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twist biodegradable sponges for your eco kitchen

Going Zero Waste? You Need Twist Biodegradable Sponges in Your Kitchen

In 2006, Brian Ross and Egil Wigert, invented the world’s first 100% plant based and 100% biodegradable dish washing sponge. Twist is an American company, based in Boulder, Colorado. The Twist natural sponge is eco friendly and made from FSC certified sustainable cellulose pulp. The Twist sponge doesn’t contain any glues, dyes, or bleaches, making it more gentle on your skin, and safer to use than any other kitchen sponge.

So it’s great to know that the dish sponge from Twist also doubles as a loofah sponge! Keep one in your shower to give your skin a great exfoliation. The Twist scrub sponge contains no nasties, so you can feel confident that it is a safe eco sponge for you.

The Twist cleaning sponge is 100% compostable and the packaging is 100% recycled. So you can feel happier knowing that you are buying an environmentally friendly scrub cellulose sponge that will have less impact on the planet.

The Twist scrub sponge is made with all natural ingredients including hemp, agave, and cotton. Eco sponges are a natural alternative to plastic and synthetic cleaning sponge types. The kitchen scrubber is hand sewn onto its cellulose base, so it is made with love and care.

Why do we love Twist products?

The Twist dish scrubber contains only natural white cellulose, natural tan loofah, and natural fibres from hemp, agave and cotton. Simple!

If you are looking for the best natural sponges Australia has to offer then buy Twist’s best kitchen sponge from Hello Charlie here.

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