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dyson cinetic big ball animal pro review

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Pro Review

dyson cinetic big ball animal pro review I agreed to review the new Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Pro vacuum cleaner for Dyson. Now, I've never done a review like this before. Normally, I only review stuff that I'm thinking of stocking at Hello Charlie. As regular readers know, I'm pretty fussy about what we stock in the store, so I applied that thinking to my review of the Dyson. I wanted to make absolutely sure that I'd recommend it. A couple of years back, I did a series of posts on detoxing your home. One of the things I recommended was getting a vacuum with a HEPA filter. At the time, my research showed me that the Dyson vacuums were one of the best available. So I was pretty keen to try it out.

Is the Dyson Cinetic easy to use?

First of all, I asked my 13 year old son to unbox it and set it up, thinking that if he could do it, anyone could. He did, and immediately began telling me he was a technical genius. I took this to mean that it was pretty simple to put together. He was keen to use it, so he took it for a spin and told me that he found it easy to use. It does move easily, and it's not heavy to pull around, plus it doesn't kill my back. So far, all good. We were very impressed by the amount of suction on that thing. I tried it out on my cow skin rug, and couldn't believe how much more suction there was compared to my old Miele vacuum cleaner. Apparently you're not supposed to use it like that, but I didn't read the instructions until later. Still - pretty awesome suction! pets with the dyson cinetic big ball animal pro A couple of reasons why the Dyson had to work hard at my house! I have a fluffy cat, who loves to leave fur everywhere. I have another cat, who refused all attempts to photograph her. And I have a very large dog, who's not really allowed on the carpet, but of course he doesn't always stay on his mat! I also have two boys, and an exchange student staying this year, so our carpet takes a bit of a pounding. I'd only vaccumed 2 days before when I started testing the Dyson, and I have to say that I was a little freaked out by the amount of dust and muck swirling around in that cylinder! It makes you realise how much dirt is actually on the carpet, even when you don't leave it that long between cleans. Eek. My 13 year old and I tried getting rid of the dirt in the Dyson, and it turns out to be super easy to empty. One click gets the dust cylinder off the vacuum, then you take it over to the bin and another click opens it up and empties. There's no filters to wash with the Dyson Cinetic range, so this is a really simple process.

Dyson's filters

Speaking of filters, one of the reasons why I really like this vacuum is because of the filtration system. All Dyson vacuums have HEPA filters. But as they explain on their website, it's not just the filter that's important - making sure that the dust doesn't get blown straight back out of your vacuum cleaner is what's really essential. I noticed when I was using the Dyson that I didn't get any smell of dust, which I definitely do when I'm using my usual vacuum. Another thing I love is that the Dyson Cinetic rights itself if you manage to tip it over. This is especially useful if you're training the kids up to do the vacuuming, because they just don't get that you're not supposed to go careening around corners trailed by a vacuum. Of course, once they realised that the Dyson righted itself, they did plenty of careening around corners. It worked every time. Does it make the vacuum work better? No. Does it make vacuuming easier? Absolutely! And that's one of the things that I really like about this - so many little details have been thought of. It's really easy to switch tools over, or to make the handle longer, or even to ease up on the suction while you're vacuuming.

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Tools - In the Box

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Pro Tools Now, plenty of vacuum cleaners come with tools, but I have to admit that I don't really use them all. But once again, I was impressed with the tools that are included. I gave them all a test run, and I reckon you'd use all of them. Carbon fibre turbine floor tool. Okay, so now I feel like a revhead type bloke talking about how my car goes. Yeah mate it's got one of those carbon fibre turbine floor tools and a double carburetter and air cooling. This is your everyday standard tool because you can use it on carpets and hard floors. It really does seem to pick heaps of dirt and dust up, too. The combination tool is kind of cool - it's got the skinny crevice tool and the brush in one. You slide the brush up and down when you need it. I found this very handy for doing things like skirting boards, and the tops of the curtain rails. The reach under tool underwhelmed me at first. I had trouble pulling out the flexible rubber bit and had to resort to the interweb to find out how exactly you did it. I was still underwhelmed and very nearly put it back in the box, but I thought I should try it. I'm glad I did. What a useful little thingummy. All those dusty places, that let's face it, you just can't be arsed to clean even though you know you probably should, like down behind the kids bedheads. This little gadget reaches in and dusts the lot. Carbon fibre soft dusting brush - this may be my favourite tool. I have those wooden blinds that look lovely, and do nothing but trap dust. My vacuum cleaner seems to do nothing but shift dust around on these. You can use the brush thingy and give them a once over, and then run your hand over them and still leave trails in the dust. I tried out the Dyson with the carbon fibre soft dusting brush - best result EVER. I was so impressed I started trying it on other things in my bedroom - hard to reach space down the back of the chest of drawers. Done. Top of the curtain rail? Done. Bedside lamp with covering of dust? Done. I may have gone on a little dusting brush frenzy - it's so damn useful! And it picks up so much dust. Wow. The stair tool gets right into the edge of the stairs, so that you don't have to vacuum the larger area of the stairs with one bit, and the corners of the stairs with another bit. A small thing, but a thoughtful one. Once I actually worked out the swivel head was for hard floors, (aren't instructions marvellous?) I was sold. This little sucker (pun fully intended - sorry!) is amazing. I had a go with it in my ensuite, which is small but has annoying little gaps. There's one about 10cms wide between the vanity and the shower, and of course it was home to a whole warren of dust bunnies because who can be bothered to pull the head off the vacuum cleaner and get down there? Ha! The swivelly head just went in sideways. Take that, dust bunnies. By this stage, I was starting to talk to the Dyson - we'd become quite friendly. The tangle free turbine tool is actually an upholstery brush to get rid of hair. I decided to test this in the back of my friend's car. She fosters dogs, and her latest is an enormous mastiff cross with short white hair that gets everywhere. Before we tested the Dyson, she'd had a go with her vacuum and got nowhere. Ten minutes with the turbine tool, and the back of her car was looking better than it had before she'd got the dog! dyson cinetic big ball animal pro turbine tool

What's the verdict on the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Pro?

I feel like I'm raving about this vacuum cleaner so much that you're going to think that it's because Dyson gave it to me to try out. But I have to say that I'm genuinely impressed with this thing.
  • it's really easy to use (even if you don't read the instructions!)
  • it's not heavy, and you don't get backache using it
  • the suction is amazing - I can't believe how much dust and debris this thing has picked up off my carpets
  • the tools are actually useful
  • it's light enough for kids to use
  • emptying the dust out is unbelieveably simple
  • it's well designed
What didn't we love?
  • My husband wasn't keen on the fact that there was no place to store the tools
  • My kids don't love the fact that it's so easy to use that now I'm making them use it!
  • There's no denying that these are expensive vacuum cleaners. But if you've got allergies, asthma or pets and kids, I reckon it's worth it.
I actually looked into buying a Dyson late last year when my asthma flared up. If I'd realised how good they were, I'd have bought one then. And as for my friend with the foster dogs, she's going shopping this weekend! Disclaimer: Dyson sent me the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Pro to review. I'm glad I loved it, but you can be assured that if I didn't, I'd have let you know! All opinions are my own.
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