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organic budget beauty buys

Organic Budget Beauty & Skincare Buys - 10 under $10.00

organic budget beauty buysOrganic = expensive, right? Wrong! I've got some great budget beauty buys at Hello Charlie, and this week I've picked my top 10 under $10.00! Call me cheap, but most of these products are ones that I use and love at home, which just goes to show that you don't always have to spend a lot to get quality products. Dr Bronner Castile Bar Soap - $7.95 Dr_Bronner_Castile_Bar_Soap_Cherry_BlossomWe've got the Dr Bronner Bar Soaps in lots of scents, and they're brilliant. The bar soaps are more eco friendly, and they last longer than the liquid soaps. They're fair trade, certified organic, and they lather up beautifully. All the extra oils that go in to Dr Bronner's bar soaps mean that they're not drying on your skin. My favourite are the citrus and the peppermint, but that's just me! Our bestsellers are the baby unscented and the lavender. Oh, and can I point out that these are rather nicely wrapped and make a lovely little gift for someone. Just saying! Little Innoscents Organic Paw Paw Balm - $7.95 little innoscents organic pawpaw balmI may have mentioned once or twice before how much I love this certified organic pawpaw balm from Little Innoscents, but I'm going to mention it again! Amazing ingredients, heaps of pawpaw (10% in total, compared to the other red tube which has only 3%), and it's the same price as the mainstream brands. Not a petrochemical in sight. I don't know how Little Innoscents manages to sell a certified organic product for the same price as the mainstream stuff (could it be the mainstream brands are overcharging??), but they do. And it's awesome. You need to get some today, and fortunately Hello Charlie can help with that! Shop it here. Safix Foot & Body Scrub Pad - $3.95 safix coconut fibre foot and body scrub padTrue confessions time. I hate having my feet touched. I'm so ticklish that it's torture. My two brothers used to take full advantage of this, and they'd sit on me and tickle my feet. Which means that pedicures are so not my favourite thing. But neither is having dry and horrible looking feet, so every now and then I give myself a home pedicure. And one of the best things for scrubbing dry skin off feet is this brilliant little Foot & Body Scrub Pad from Safix. It's made from fair trade coconut fibre, so it ticks all the eco boxes. It's soft but scrubby, so it's great on feet or on your body (although I do prefer to have one for each!). And did I mention that it's just $3.95? That definitely puts it in the budget buys. Hurraw Lip Balm Black Cherry Tinted - $6.95 hurraw tinted black cherry lip balmI do have rather a lot of Hurraw Lip Balms lying about the place. I have the Moon one for extra moisturisation overnight, the Tangerine SPF one for when I'm outside in the sun, the Vanilla one for my youngest (who is obsessed with vanilla flavour). But the one I have most of is this - the Black Cherry Tinted one. Hurraw lip balms are all vegan, they're made with raw cold pressed oils, and they're all natural. I especially love the Black Cherry, though, because I love the bit of a tint. It gives my lips a hint of colour, and makes me look like I've made a bit of an effort when all I've really done is smear on a bit of lip balm (usually while I'm driving). And at $6.95, it's no wonder I've got them stashed everywhere! Biologika Lemon Myrtle Hand & Body Wash - $6.95 biologika organic hand and body wash lemon myrtleThis is a great one for in the shower, or at the kitchen or bathroom sink. The lemon myrtle scent is fresh and zesty, and the ingredients are great. They're gentle on your skin, too, and won't leave your skin feeling dry and tight. All the Biologika products are certified organic, cruelty free and made here in Melbourne. All the fragrances are from essential oils, but there are fragrance free versions, too. All the Biologika products are affordable, and at $6.95 for this hand & body wash, they deserve to be in my organic budget buys! Wotnot Facial Wipes - $8.95 wotnot facial wipesI love these! The Wotnot Facial Wipes are just brilliant. They work really well to take off makeup without dragging and irritating your skin. The ingredients are great - lots of moisturising oils and certified organic ingredients. I also like that they're available for dry skin, normal skin or oily skin. And they all come in handy travel packs, too! They're especially great for teenagers who aren't necessarily the greatest at removing makeup yet. They're super handy if you're going away for the weekend, too. And the price - these are the same price as mainstream brands. I reckon that counts as another organic bargain buy! Weleda Salt Toothpaste - $9.95 weleda salt toothpasteThis was one of the first natural products I ever started using, and I'm still using it. Yes, it's a little strange when you first start using it, especially if you've been using mainstream brands. But nothing cleans your teeth as well as this, and I love the fresh mint hit you get. I've tried heaps of natural toothpastes, and we usually have two or three on the go at home, depending on what I'm testing out. But the Weleda Salt Toothpaste is the one I always go back to, and I think that at $9.95 it's good buy, too. If you really don't like the salt, Weleda's other toothpastes are just as good, and just as much of a bargain! Biologika Coconut Shampoo - $9.95 Biologika_Coconut_Shampoo_500_mlThe Biologika Coconut Shampoo is one of our bestselling shampoos at Hello Charlie. It's not hard to see why - they're certified organic, Australian made, and they're gentle enough for the whole family. If you want to avoid fragrance, there's a fragrance free version as well. There's also a citrus rose version, and a vanilla version. And all the shampoos have a fragrance matched conditioner. At $9.95 each for 500mls, this is definitely a great organic budget buy! dr tung's tongue cleaner stainless steelDr Tung's Tongue Cleaner - $9.95 If you haven't got yourself a tongue cleaner, get one! They're proven to help banish bad breath, because you scrape the smelly bacteria off the surface of your tongue. Tongue cleaners also help with general dental hygiene. The stainless steel ones like Dr Tung's are the best. They're more comfortable to use, they're hygenic and they last for years. And at $9.95, I reckon the small investment in your dental health is worth it! bass brushes exfoliating body scrub towelBass Brushes Exfoliation Skin Towel - $9.95 This one is very Japanese. I came across these years ago in a public bathhouse in Japan. You wet them, pour a bit of body wash on them and scrub away. They're totally uncool, but they're incredibly effective. My dad lives in far north Queensland, where the dirt is really red and gets into your skin, especially your feet. I send these bad boys up to him and he scrubs away at the end of a hard day! They last forever, there's no microbeads, and very little packaging. I love this towel version from Bass Brushes, because you can scrub your back and the bottom of your feet really easily. Another budget buy at $9.95!
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