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winter skincare natural

Head to Toe Natural Winter Skincare

winter skincare natural Winter's here, and so is indoor heating, cold winds and freezing rain. I love Melbourne, but this weather sure does dry out your skin! And in the same way you wear different clothes in winter to what you do in summer, you need different skincare for different seasons. Winter Skincare for Your Face You'll need a good moisturiser, preferably one that's oil based, to create a protective barrier on your skin. If you're got really dry skin, use a good oil based serum first, then apply a moisturiser on top of that and under your makeup. Any dry spots on your skin can be treated with an ultra rich treament. Apply this at night, and by morning your dry spots will be cleared up. winter skincare moisturisers and serums Don't forget your sunscreen! No matter what your skin type, you still need sunscreen every day in winter. If you're not going to be outside much, choose a moisturiser with an SPF. If you're going to be out for a while, you'll need a sunscreen. My favourite is eco logical's face sunscreen. Watch out for peels and masks and exfoliants. Go with mild cleansers, even a milky/creamy cleanser for winter, and choose a toner without alcohol, and go with deeply hydrating masks rather than things like clay based ones (as these tend to draw moisture out of your face). Go with mild cleansers, rather than foaming ones. A good choice is a milky or creamy cleanser, or you can even use an oil cleanser. Weleda's Almond Soothing Facial Oil is ideal for this. Add a few drops to a damp cotton pad and swipe gently across your face to remove makeup.  then and then follow up with an alcohol free toner which will help prevent your skin drying out. Go easy on the peels and exfoliation, and choose hydrating masks rather than clay based ones, as these tend to draw moisture out of your face. winter skincare cleansers toners and masks Don't forget your lips! Cold winds and indoor heating will dry your lips out, and licking them only makes them crack more. Choose a natural lip balm (read why you should go natural here) with heavy duty moisturising power. My favourite is the Weleda Everon Lip Balm with its beautiful gentle rose scent. I wear it at night and although it's not sticky, it seems to stay on my  lips all night. I'm also hearing good things about Hurraw's Moon Balm which is designed for night use. Winter Skincare for Your Body Occasional exfoliation will help to remove the dead skin cells on your body, making your skin feel smoother and your moisturiser will absorb better, too. Give elbows and knees a buff, too, and hit them with a heavy duty moisturiser like Weleda Skin Food. You need to look after your hands more in winter, too. The skin on your hands is thin, and it has less oil glands than the rest of your body. It's harder to keep your hands from getting dry and cracking in winter, especially in dry cold weather. Get a good, moisturising, oil based hand cream that you can slather on before bed. Check out my review of natural handcreams to find a good one. You feet will need some extra care, too. Give your feet a light exfoliation to get rid of dry, rough skin and then slather on a foot lotion. Avoid the minty, cooling ones that you'd look for in summer, you're looking for deep moisturisation here. As with your facial moisturiser, look for something oil based that will create a barrier. Once a week in winter, I like to put on a thick layer of Weleda Skin Food and then pop on some cotton socks. My feet are smooth and soft by morning. winter skincare body care hand cream General tips for Winter Skincare Use a humidifier in your bedroom. Heating fills your house with hot, dry air, which makes your skin even drier. Using a humidifier adds moisture to the air, which prevents your skin from drying out. Adding a couple or a few small humidifiers around your home will help to disperse the moisture more evenly than one large one. Skip the hot baths and showers, even though it's tempting. Making this one change to cooler showers (warm rather than hot) made a huge difference to my skin. The cooler temperatures won't dry your skin out as much. Keep showers and baths shorter, too, and you'll notice a difference. Exercise, eat well and drink lots of fluids. A lot of skin issues come from spending too much time indoors eating 'comfort food'. Eat properly and your skin will thank you. Winter Skincare Routine To keep your skin looking plump and hydrated even during the harshest winter weather, here's a good skincare routine to follow. At night:
  • cleanse and remove makeup with a gentle cleanser
  • if you're using a toner, make sure that it's a gentle, non alchol one
  • immediately apply serum while your skin is still damp
  • then follow up with a good, oil based moisturiser
  • don't forget hands, feet, elbows and lips.
  • for dry, flaky spots, use an ultra rich spot treatment overnight.
In the morning, you shouldn't need to cleanse and tone again. A swipe with a damp, soft cloth is all you should need. Just like winter clothing, layering is the key to good winter skincare.
  • apply your serum to damp skin
  • apply a moisturiser with an SPF
  • if your skin is really dry, you can add your oil based moisturiser over the top.
  • apply makeup
  • have an awesome day
You can use a gentle facial mist like rose water if your skin is feeling dry during the day. How do you change your skincare to cope with winter weather? Share your tips! Get the latest posts straight to your inbox every week!
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