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everything you need to know about olbas oil

Everything You Need to Know About Olbas Oil

I swear by Olbas Oil. When I get a cold in winter, out comes the bottle of Olbas Oil. It's something I picked up from my mother in law, and it's a natural remedy that's been around for years. Over 100 years, in fact. Olbas Oil originated in Basel, Switzerland and it's a herbal remedy made up of a powerful mixture of essential oils.

The ingredients are simple and 100% natural: peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, cajeput oil, wintergreen oil, juniper berry oil, and clove oil.

everything you need to know about olbas oil


What's in Olbas Oil?

I've heard people ask is Olbas Oil eucalyptus oil, but it's more than that. 

peppermint leavesPeppermint oil opens your breathing passages and helps to maximise your respiratory function. The menthol in peppermint gives a cooling sensation that is great for relaxing tense muscles and alleviating minor strains and muscular discomforts.

Aromatherapists also recommend peppermint oil’s invigorating scent to help your mental focus and concentration, increase alertness, and to ease tension and stress.

eucalyptus leavesEucalyptus oil is well known for helping sinus and throat infections, fevers and flu. It's a drying oil, so it especially helps with coughs and colds with excessive mucus.

It has a brisk and energizing scent which clears the mind, enhances focus, and increases mental alertness.

Eucalyptus is a great antiseptic and antiviral oil, too. It's a native Australian remedy to help relieve minor joint discomforts and sore muscles.

cajeput oil in olbas oilCajeput oil is a type of melaleuca or tea tree oil, so it's a great antiseptic and antibacterial oil. Melaleuca oil is one of the best known remedies for respiratory problems. It's very helpful with flu and colds, as it helps the throat, sinus and respiratory tracts.

It's a traditional remedy in South East Asia for muscular and joint pains. In aromatherapy, it's known for stimulating the mind and helping with clear thinking.

wintergreen oil in olbas oilWintergreen oil is a very warm and soothing oil. It warms muscles by increasing the blood circulation. The main constituent of wintergreen is methyl salicylate. You'll find this an active ingredient in lots of over-the-counter balms and ointments that help relieve the pain of arthritis, backache, overworked muscles and sore joints.

Wintergreen essential oil has a refreshing, uplifting scent that revitalizes the senses. It's a very potent oil, so the Olbas Oil formula contains only a very small amount of Wintergreen oil (less than 4%).

juniper berry oil in olbas oilJuniper berry oil is an antibacterial and antiviral oil. In France, juniper branches used to be burned in hospitals to help ward off contagious diseases. It has a long history of use in massage therapy to soothe back, joint and muscle pains. The fragrance of the oil enhances the breathing passages and supports healthy respiratory function.

Aromatherapists suggest that juniper’s uplifting scent helps to ease tension and stress, as well as to clear the thoughts.

clove oil in olbas oilClove bud oil is a natural remedy for helping with colds, flu, and bronchial congestion. It's a powerful antioxidant and a strong antiseptic, too. Clove oil is warming, so it's great for massaging sore muscles and helping to relieve arthritic pain.

It's another oil that helps fight mental fatigue and can even help poor memory.


How to Use Olbas Oil

Olbas Oil uses all these essential oils in combination to help:

  • calm coughs
  • ease sore throats
  • clear stuffy, blocked noses
  • fight the lethargy and mental fatigue that comes with a cold
  • open the respiratory passages to help you breathe more easily
  • warm muscles
  • relieve aches and pains

How do you use Olbas Oil? Try Olbas Oil for colds or coughs, or if you've got the flu, or bronchitis. You can inhale Olbas Oil to help ease the symptoms. You can add 2 or 3 drops to a hanky or tissue and breathe it in. You use Olbas Oil in a diffuser by adding 2 or 3 drops and allowing the scent to waft around the room.

If you've got tired and sore muscles, you can dilute Olbas Oil in a carrier oil (like Sweet Almond Oil or Apricot Kernel Oil) and use it for massage.

Is Olbas Oil Safe? 

Essential oils are powerful, and although they're natural, they can be dangerous if they're used incorrectly. The dangers of Olbas Oil are the same as all essential oils, so it's important to follow the instructions.

Is it safe to use Olbas Oil when pregnant? 

You shouldn't use Olbas Oil when pregnant or breastfeeding, because of the clove oil. 

Can Olbas Oil be used for babies? 

You shouldn't use Olbas Oil for babies under 3 months at all.

Is Olbas Oil safe for toddlers? 

You can use Olbas Oil for toddlers and babies from 3 months to 2 years. They can have one drop of Olbas Oil in a diffuser.

Can you use Olbas Oil for children? 

Children from 2 to 12 years old can have 2 to 3 drops of Olbas Oil in a diffuser.

Olbus Oil for Adults

Adults and children over 12 years old can have 2 to 3 drops of Olba Oil in a diffuser, and can also dilute Olbas Oil in a carrier oil and use it to massage sore muscles and joints.

Have you used Olbas Oil? Share your thoughts below!

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