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Ancient minerals magnesium

Ancient Minerals Magnesium: What is MSM? Should You Use Oil or Gel Form?

I’ve written before about how much I love transdermal magnesium products like Ancient Minerals. They’ve really helped with my headaches and insomnia. Your body actually absorbs magnesium better when applied to the skin than when taken orally (especially if you have issues like leaky gut). The Ancient Minerals magnesium gels and oils are portable and easy to use, too.  But it can be confusing if you're just getting into magnesium. When do you use an oil? Should you go with a gel instead? And what on earth is MSM? So I've put together a quick guide to the Ancient Minerals magnesium range.

What is MSM?

Many of the Ancient Minerals magnesium products are boosted with MSM (methylsulfonylmethane). MSM is a rich source of organic sulphur that's easily absorbed by the body, especially through the skin. Its soothing properties have been used extensively to help with osteoarthritis and tendinitis, as well as other inflammatory conditions. It’s also included in the Ancient Minerals Ultra line to help with magnesium uptake into the body. People with sensitive skin can experience irritation with the regular products. The penetration powers of MSM mean that you need a lower concentration of magnesium to be effective.

How to use magnesium oil

Ancient Minerals magnesium Oil

Ancient Minerals magnesium oil is designed to be a quick, easy way to add magnesium to your body – just spray and go. (I like to spray it on my legs after my shower.) It absorbs quickly, increasing circulation, detoxifying and relaxing muscles. You can spray it across the back of your neck or temples if you feel a headache coming on. It also does wonders for sore muscles after a workout. If you find that it's itchy or tingly, you can wash it off after 20 minutes. You'll gradually get used to it and it won't tingle as much.

What’s the difference between magnesium gel and oil?

Ancient Minerals magnesium Oil and Gel

In contrast to the magnesium oil, Ancient Minerals magnesium gel stays on the surface of the skin rather than absorbing into the body. It’s wonderful to use in a massage, increasing the soothing and healing benefits. The gel is especially helpful for hydrating and strengthening the skin – accelerates wound healing too. It comes in the Ultra and Full Strength versions.

How to use the magnesium gel

Simply massage into the skin and wipe or rinse off after about 20 minutes. It has all the healing benefits of the oil, but has more ‘slip’, so you can take your time rubbing a sore muscle or joint. Try giving it to your therapist next time you have a massage, or simply use it at home whenever you want to experience its soothing and relaxing effect.

Ancient Minerals magnesium bath flakes

Ancient Minerals Bath Flakes

Mineral baths are an ancient healing method for all manner of ills. The Ancient Minerals magnesium flakes contain magnesium and other trace minerals harvested from an ancient European seabed. The mineral rich salts are mined thousands of metres deep in the earth and dried into easy to use flakes. To use, add about 1 to 3 cups to warm water for your bath. You can also fill a tub for specific body parts that may be bothering you. Soak for about 30 minutes (or as long as you like if you don’t have sensitive skin). Afterwards, rinse with cool water, then dry and moisturise as normal.

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Image Credits: Ancient Minerals and Enviromedica

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