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Smart and Sustainable: Your Ultimate Eco Back-to-School Guide with Hello Charlie

Welcoming the Back-to-School season

The beaches beg for one last dip, and mango popsicles are melting faster. That can only mean one thing: a new school year approaches, where back-to-school months span from late January to mid-December.

For our kids, it's a time of nervous excitement. New teachers, fresh uniforms, and backpacks bursting with potential. However, it can be a bit chaotic for us parents, with late-night runs for stationery, forgotten permission slips, and the yearly struggle to find eco-friendly school supplies.

A Holistic and Sustainable Approach

Sustainability in schools has been gaining a position as a priority aspect of Australian education/curriculum. In Aussie classrooms, it's more than just filling heads with facts. It's about nurturing well-rounded citizens to embrace sustainable actions. We're talking hands-on learning about composting in the playground, planting veggie gardens, and tackling global challenges like climate change. It's all about giving children the tools and the inspiration to experience sustainable living and to make a difference in the world.

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Hello Charlie: Your Destination for Eco-friendly Baby and Kids Products

At Hello Charlie, we understand that eco-friendly doesn't have to mean boring. Our shelves are bursting with vibrant kids' lunchboxes made from sustainable materials, colourful water bottles that'll banish single-use plastic, and sustainable backpacks made from recycled materials like polyester – talk about giving that trash a second chance!

We make it easy to find high-quality, sustainable products that your kids will love while helping them develop a love for our planet. So, ditch the disposable, embrace the reusable, and get ready to tackle this school year with a green thumb and a smile.

Sustainable Back to School Essentials

Sustainable backpacks: a stylish stride towards eco-conscious school days

As your child gears up for the new school year, why not make a positive impact by choosing eco-friendly backpacks? Embrace sustainability with durable and eco-conscious options that go beyond just carrying books. You can opt for backpacks made from eco-friendly materials such as recycled fabrics or organic cotton, which can significantly impact the environment.

Leading brands like Fabelab are committed to promoting sustainable practices and ethical labour. Fabelab backpacks are stylish and functional, providing kids with a comfortable and organised way to carry their school essentials - perfect for preschool and kindy. 

These backpacks are made from 100% recycled polyester, making them durable and eco-friendly. With fun and colourful designs, they allow kids to express their individuality while positively impacting the environment.

Backpacks and lunch bags

Earth friendly brands that promote waste free lunch solutions

Making environmentally conscious choices is always a great idea, particularly when it comes to our daily habits. You can take a step towards a more sustainable future this back-to-school season by choosing zero-waste alternatives for your child's lunch. Innovative brands like b.boxYumboxWean GreenCherub, and Ever Eco offer a wide range of sustainable lunch products that are both practical and eco-friendly.'s innovative lunch box designs are aimed at reducing single-use plastics. Yumbox creates bento-style eco lunch boxes that minimise waste while providing maximum nutrition. Wean Green introduces glass containers that are safer and more sustainable than plastic, while Cherub and Ever Eco ensure that your lunch accessories align with your commitment to sustainability.

With these smart choices, you can contribute significantly towards a greener and more sustainable future, one lunch at a time.

Reusable lunch accessories: small changes, big impact!

As we delve deeper into sustainable back-to-school choices, let's focus on the impact of reusable lunch accessories. 

The mini flork and spoon are perfect for adding a touch of fun to your child's lunchtime routine. You can also use ice packs from SoYoung and to keep your food cool and fresh without relying on disposable alternatives. We Might Be Tiny Feedie Cutlery Set, and Re-play Utensils champion the cause of reusable eating tools, while Fabelab and offer eco-friendly food jars that keep meals fresh.

By making small yet impactful choices like using these products, we can elevate the lunchtime experience and instil a sense of responsibility in the younger generation. This helps them connect their daily routines with the planet's health, encouraging a more sustainable lifestyle.

Eco friendly school supplies

As you transition from lunchtime to the classroom, it's also good to use sustainable school supplies. Opt for items made of recycled or sustainable materials, with minimal packaging, and designed to last. Some eco-friendly choices include recycled paper and notebooks, refillable pens, solar-powered calculators, bamboo or recycled plastic rulers, wooden pencils, and digital textbooks.

Hello Charlie recommends Honeysticks beeswax crayonsDjeco Finger Paint Tubes, and Eco Art & Craft Natural Eco Paints. These supplies ensure that creativity flourishes without compromising the planet. 

Additionally, using reusable shopping bags from brands like OnyaEver Eco, and Apple Green Duck when shopping for supplies helps reduce your environmental impact more holistically.

Eco school supplies

Sustainable Clothing

Consider exploring second-hand stores, thrift stores, or online platforms to find eco-friendly and budget-friendly styles. You can create a smart capsule wardrobe for your child by selecting timeless pieces to minimise frequent purchases and encourage sustainability. Make sure to prioritise quality over quantity, reducing the need for replacements and emphasising durability in their clothing choices. Another great option is repurposing hand-me-downs and clothing items through DIY and upcycling to create unique and sustainable fashion pieces that will last longer.

You can also extend sustainability to school uniforms by choosing natural fibres and implementing mindful washing practices. Supporting sustainable brands and opting for uniforms made from eco-friendly materials is also a great idea. Avoiding frequent replacements can promote longevity and environmentally conscious manufacturing for a greener school experience.

Meal Preparation Made Easy

The importance of nutritious meals for optimal learning

Numerous studies have consistently demonstrated that a nutritious diet is closely linked to optimal learning. Nutrient-rich foods support cognitive function, brain development, and sustained focus. At the same time, a balanced intake of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats helps regulate blood sugar levels, preventing energy crashes and promoting better concentration. 

A healthy diet has also been associated with improved academic performanceemotional well-being, and long-term health outcomes, underscoring the crucial role of nutrition in creating an environment conducive to effective learning.

Tips for creating nutritious and exciting lunches

As the back-to-school season approaches, it's important to remember some easy tips to make crafting nutritious and enticing lunches a breeze. One great way to do this is to mix various fruits and veggies to create a colourful and visually appealing lunchbox that provides a spectrum of nutrients. To ensure a well-rounded meal, it's essential to include proteins like lean meats or beans for energy and whole grains like whole wheat and quinoa for sustained fullness. When it comes to snacking, try to give healthy options like yogurt while steering clear of processed snacks.

Consider using a bento lunch box like the ones from Ever Eco Stainless Steel Bento Box or Yumbox bento lunchboxes for an organised and visually pleasing presentation. It's also important to pay special attention to allergy considerations. Parents should make it a priority to read ingredient labels carefully to avoid allergens. It's also important to communicate allergy information with the school and opt for nut-free alternatives to minimise cross-contact risk. Packaging various safe and appealing foods also ensures that students with allergies can access nutritious and enjoyable meal options.

Following these sustainable practices and inclusive meal preparation ideas can make your child's school lunches a delightful experience.

Stay Hydrated, Stay Focused: Hydration Tips for Students

The impact of hydration on cognitive function

Adequate hydration is crucial for optimal cognitive function, particularly in students, as even mild dehydration has been shown to impact attention, concentration, and short-term memory negatively. Research suggests that maintaining proper hydration levels can enhance cognitive performance and contribute to better academic outcomes.

A great selection of hydration solutions

Say goodbye to flimsy plastic that pollutes our oceans. Hello Charlie's got you covered with reusable stunners from brands like EcoVesselb.boxKlean Kanteen, and Cheeki.

EcoVessel stands out with its commitment to using recyclable materials in its reusable water bottle range, promoting a circular approach to consumption. Meanwhile, and Klean Kanteen redefine style in sustainability, offering stainless steel drink bottles with innovative designs and a material known for its recyclability. Cheeki adds a touch of elegance to the mix with high-quality stainless steel bottles that champion a plastic-free lifestyle.

Of course, no water bottle is complete without a trusty straw. We Might Be Tiny's straw set adds fun to every drink, while Little Mashies reusable silicone straws are gentle on teeth and kind to the planet. Both are endlessly reusable and dishwasher safe, making eco-friendly choices oh-so-easy!

Hydration tips for students

Sustainable Practices at School

Waste reduction at school: crafting a zero-waste lunchbox

Embarking on a sustainable journey within the school environment starts with the everyday lunchtime ritual. Transitioning to a zero-waste lunchbox benefits the environment and instils mindful consumption habits in students.

Encourage students to be mindful of portion sizes, preventing overconsumption and minimising food waste. Surprisingly, schools contribute 25% of Australia's 7.3 million tonnes of annual food waste. Creating awareness about reducing food waste is essential, as it's a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. 

The key to a zero-waste lunch box lies in meticulous meal planning. By strategising meals in advance, students can buy only what they need, avoiding unnecessary packaging waste and reducing overall food waste. This not only benefits the planet but also nurtures responsible decision-making among students.

Transforming food scraps into nutrient-rich compost is a simple yet powerful step towards waste reduction. Schools can divert organic waste from landfills by composting, contributing to healthier soils and a more sustainable future. 

Embracing these practices within school premises sets a positive example, fostering a culture of sustainability among students and staff alike.

Recycling initiatives at school

Recycling is a crucial aspect of sustainable school practices. As students, there are simple habits we can adopt to promote a green movement, such as reusing last year's school supplies that are still in good condition. This not only fosters resourcefulness but also reduces waste. We can combat single-use plastic waste by choosing reusable lunch containers, water bottles, and backpacks and instil responsible consumer behaviour.

As we move towards a more digital age, embracing paperless practices like digital note-taking can help minimise our environmental impact and align with modern learning trends. Recycling extends beyond paper to electronic gadgets, such as outdated laptops or calculators, which we can dispose of responsibly to prevent e-waste.

We can also encourage students to donate textbooks, uniforms, or other school-related items they no longer need, as this helps reduce waste and cultivates a culture of sharing and compassion.

Recycling in school

Sustainable Transportation

Initiate a sustainable school journey with eco-friendly commutes—encourage walking, cycling, or public transportation to curb air pollution and childhood asthma risks.

Build a parent community for a more sustainable school commute. Carpooling minimises vehicles on the road, reducing congestion and emissions. You can also opt for electric or hybrid vehicles to cut carbon emissions.

This can help lower environmental impact than traditional fuel-powered cars. Choosing zero-emission options sets a responsible precedent for ecological awareness at the school level.

Supporting Environmental Initiatives

As education hubs, schools are crucial in shaping environmentally conscious citizens. To kickstart a culture of sustainability, here are three impactful ways to integrate sustainable practices into the school environment.

Student-Led Green Clubs: form or join clubs focused on environmental initiatives, such as waste reduction, community clean-up projects, or recycling in schools.

Parent Volunteer Programs: parents can volunteer to support and participate in eco-friendly initiatives, whether assisting with school garden projects, organising waste reduction campaigns, or promoting sustainable practices within the school community.

Collaborate on Eco-Friendly Events: work together to organise environmentally conscious events, such as eco fairs, tree planting days, or educational workshops on sustainability. This helps foster a culture of environmental responsibility in school.

Kids participating in a planting activity

Making Back-to-School a Green Journey

Engaging in the green, eco movement yields specific benefits for schools, families, communities, and the youth. Schools can foster a culture of environmental responsibility, families can reduce their carbon footprint and save money, communities can thrive in cleaner environments, and the youth can shape a future where sustainable practices are the norm, ensuring a healthier planet for future generations.

Since 2004, we've been helping families transition to a sustainable lifestyle. As consumers, we can make a real difference with the products we purchase. Choosing sustainable products can create change. But we know it can take a lot of work to find eco-friendly products that deliver what they promise. That's why we created Hello Charlie - to help you take action with products you can trust for your whole family.

Embark on a Wholesome Back-to-School Journey with Hello Charlie!

Gear up with Hello Charlie, your one-stop shop for eco-friendly essentials and fantastic deals! Score big with our Back-to-School Sale. Stock up on school essentials like art materials, lunch boxes, backpacks and all your organisational must-haves at fabulous prices. This is one sale you don't want to miss!

Let's show appreciation for your teachers, too! Make them feel welcome with a thoughtful gift from Hello Charlie's curated collection. We've got insulated tumblers, reusable coffee mugs, or stylish bento snack boxes that will surely put a smile on their faces!

At Hello Charlie, we believe in nurturing academic growth and environmental consciousness. As students and parents prepare for the upcoming school year, we would like to extend our best wishes for a successful and fulfilling academic journey. We hope your experience will be filled with opportunities for personal growth, gaining knowledge and making eco-friendly choices.

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