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numidan subscription service for baby clothes

Numidan: The Eco Way to Buy (And Recycle) Baby Clothes

Babies seem to outgrow clothes before they've even worn them. And before you know it, you're looking at piles of baby clothes that your baby has outgrown, but has barely worn. Unless you're from a big family that passes around hand-me-downs, what do you do with them? I'll bet you're asking yourself some of these questions:

“What do I do with the clothes my baby can’t wear anymore?"

“Where do I store the old ones?"

“There’s no room to store these old baby clothes"

“Do I just throw away clothes my baby has outgrown?”

Well, a new subscription service called Numidan just might have come up with the answer. numidan baby clothes subscription service The Baby Clothes Subscription Service - Numidan

Numidan - The Baby Clothes Subscription Service

Numidan is an eco-friendly way to use and return outgrown baby clothes for each growth stage. It's a baby clothes subscription service! Instead of constantly buying new baby clothes for the next size, Numidan sends you a full set of baby clothes. When your baby has outgrown them, you simply order the next size up. And you send the smaller size back in the prepaid satchel, ready to be used again.

Reduce your eco footprint by reusing baby clothes

By subscribing to baby clothes, you’re doing your bit to protect the environment from damage. Think about this:
  • Only about 15% of donated clothing is actually sold again locally in opportunity or charity shops
  • The average Australian buys 27kgs of new textiles each year and then discards 23kgs into landfill
  • In Australia alone each year, more than 500,000 tonnes of textiles and leather end up in landfill
  • If the average life of clothing was extended by just three months, it would the carbon and water footprints of that clothing by 5-10%, as well as reducing waste
This 'circular' model of clothing distribution means that you can help reduce tons of waste going to landfill. Numidan disposes of clothes when they have to, and not sooner. They carry out regular quality checks and inspections, and when the baby clothes can't be used any longer, they're handed over to charitable organisations.

Quality and Convenience

Each package contains an essential capsule wardrobe of 11 pieces. All of the items are of the best quality, and made from pure cotton. They have to be great quality, so that they'll have a long lifespan and can be reused as long as possible. And the designs are super cute, too. numidan baby clothes subscription sets Numidan baby clothes sets

Numidan pricing

A subscription costs $29 per month and can be moved to the next size at any time. When you want the next size up, just let them know. You'll receive the next size up within a few days, and a pre-paid satchel for returning the smaller size. Shipping and returns are always free. Each subscription comes with a 10-day free trial. And you can pre-order your subscription package so it arrives just before your baby does. Currently, the service is available in newborn, 0-3 months and 3-6 month sizes. Find out more on the Numidan website: numidan subscription service for baby clothes About the Author: Daniel Harvey is a marketing specialist from Sydney and the founder of Numidan. He's a young entrepreneur interested in solving problems in an eco-friendly way. Don't forget to have a look at Numidan's website for more info.

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