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no nasties natural kids play makeup

No Nasties: Natural Play Makeup for Creative Kids

No Nasties is an Australian company that sells all natural play makeup, face paint and hair chalk for kids. All of their products are handmade in small batches by a group of Mums, and wrapped in recycled brown paper boxes. Each beautifully packaged product features a colourful character with a name and story. They’re super fun gifts for any kid who loves to play with makeup.

The No Nasties Makeup Story

Natalia Michael founded No Nasties after her daughter received some play makeup for her fifth birthday. Natalia says that when she read the ingredients on the pack, she was shocked to discover that it was full of harsh chemicals, heavy metals and FD&C colors.

With 43 confirmed medium to high grade allergies, as well as eczema and dermatitis, Natalia has to be careful about what she puts into her body, and on her skin. Changing her cosmetics to all natural products made a big difference for her, so she wanted to do the same for her kids.

“I believe in living a natural lifestyle,” Natalia says. “I’m not a fan of chemicals around the home or on my body and especially not on my kids. So anything I can do for my family that’s going to be natural is where I’m at.”

Natalia created No Nasties play makeup as a safe way for creative kids to experiment with makeup and hair colour. “Children’s makeup isn’t something that kids need, but they love it!” she says. “Either they’re going to get into your expensive natural makeup, or you can give them an alternative. This is an outlet for children who want to get into your makeup… I’m not comfortable putting toxic chemicals on my kids, and I’d never put it on someone else’s children, and I’m so happy to have a natural alternative.”

Natalia hopes that play makeup will be thought provoking for parents. “It might make people think about the other things they’re putting on their children,” she said.

The packaging for No Nasties products was inspired by Natalia’s now six-year-old daughter, who thinks that every box should look like a treasure. “Every single pack we put together is like a treasure for a child,” Natalia says, with “folded tissue paper, so that they can unfold it and it doesn’t just fall out of the box.”

No Nasties Kids Nail Polish

Why We Love No Nasties Play Makeup

  • Handmade in Sydney, Australia
  • 100% natural
  • Free of FD&C colors, synthetic dyes, talc, mineral oil, bismuth oxychloride, ferric ferrocyanide and paraben preservatives
  • Not tested on animals, and made with ingredients that are not tested on animals
  • Mess free! No Nasties natural kids makeup washes off with water
  • Kids nail polish scratches off easily, rather than needing nail polish remover
  • No Nasties Makeup Colours

    Kids' makeup shouldn't be the same as adult's makeup. So the colours of No Nasties play makeup are age appropriate in soft and shimmery pastels. 

    Who Can Use Them

    All No Nasties products are recommended for kids over four years old, but all kids should be supervised while using them. Younger kids can get a grownup’s help to apply them.

    Our Favourite No Nasties Products  

    No Nasties Nala Deluxe Pink Play Makeup Box

    No Nasties Nala Deluxe Pink Play Makeup Box

    Nala’s pink kids makeup kit includes everything you need to create a pretty pink look. There’s eyeshadow and blush mineral powder, an applicator sponge, brushes and a mirror.

    It also includes a beautiful shimmer balm and lip balm. They’re made from organic Australian beeswax, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and other natural ingredients.

    You can shop the whole range of No Nasties Makeup right here at Hello Charlie. 

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