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bioserie toys made of plants

Bioserie Toys: Made from Plants!

bioserie toys made of plantsA few years ago I came across a startup that was developing a line of baby toys that were completely free of oil based plastics. That startup was Bioserie, and so you can imagine that I was pretty excited to finally get this line of baby toys on the shelves here at Hello Charlie. The Bioserie toys are made entirely from natural and plant based renewable resources, and the manufacturing process means that there's no need for harmful additives. These toys are completely free from:
  • phthalates
  • PVC
  • styrenes
  • bisphenols (including BPA and BPS)
  • heavy metals
  • oil based chemicals
Plastic definitely has some advantages over wooden toys. It's lightweight, durable and easy to clean. But it doesn't biodegrade. So in a world of petrochemical based, non biodegradable plastics, it's so great to have an eco friendly alternative. All the Bioserie toys are USDA certified 100% bioplastic, and they're fully biodegradable. bioserie toys petrochemical free plastic Another thing that I'm impressed about with Bioserie is that the toys have been designed with the help of infant development experts, childcare professionals and parents. They don’t just look good, they’re ergonomically designed and coloured to match babies’ developmental needs. All the colours are moulded in to the bioplastic, so there's no risk of paints or coatings chipping or flaking off. The colours also come from sustainable raw materials. And just like other plastic toys, they're super easy to clean up. You can even put them in the dishwasher, because they're heat resistant. The Bioserie toys are durable, and can be handed down from child to child. But if you did want to throw them away, they can be safely incinerated, recycled or even composted.

bioserie bioplastic toys rangeBioserie Toys

So far, there's five toys in the range from Bioserie. There's a star teether, perfect for teething babies who want to chew, chew, chew on everything. The star shape makes it easy to grasp, and the textures help to relieve aching little gums. There's a cool little dumbbell rattle with a bell at each end, and bright contrasting colours to help very young babies' developing eyesight. You can shake the rattle to help baby track the sound and help develop their auditory skills, too. Bioserie's round rattle has high contrast colours, with balls inside to shake and make a noise. The shape makes it easy for even very young babies to grasp. For toddlers, the 2 in 1 stacker has lots of ways to stack, sort and learn colours. The rounded base rocks back and forth, to give toddlers motor skills a workout! And finally, there's a classic shape sorting and stacking cube. Your baby can stack the pieces on top of each other, or match the shape to the correct hole and put it into the cube. It's so exciting to see well designed, durable toys that are not only good for your baby, but good for the environment, too. You can shop the whole Bioserie range of toys right here at Hello Charlie.
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