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808 Dude Skincare for Teens - Reviewed by Teens!

808 Dude Teen Skincare Review I was so excited when our shipment of 808 Dude arrived at Hello Charlie. Excited because I'm kind of geeky about organic skincare, but even more excited than usual because I have a teenage boy who's been asking me if I can buy him Lynx. Eeeek! Once I'd stopped hyperventilating (have all my years of preaching taught him nothing?), it turns out that he wanted something, 'like Lynx, mum, but without all that crap you're always going on about'. Phew. So I started searching. And searching. And searching. Who knew it was so difficult to buy organic skincare for boys? I knew I was on a winner when I found 808 Dude. Not only is it made right here in Australia by a Melbourne mum, and it's organic, but ... and this is the tricky part ... it doesn't look like it's organic. Apparently teen boys are embarrassed about organic. Well, the ones I know are. If that packaging has so much as a leaf on it - mortal embarrassment, dude. All this came to light when I was chatting to the three teen guinea pigs, sorry, boys who have been testing 808 Dude for me over the last couple of months. The other day I told them I was interviewing them about 808 Dude and what they thought about it. Son, cousin, and son's friend all shuffled feet, coughed, mumbled and punched each other for a while. Then they mumbled a while longer. Eventually one of them offered, "It's hard to, like, explain." "You feel cleaner when you've had a shower," said another. Hmmm. So far, so typically teenage boy. Teen Review 1. Eventually, my son decided that he liked it because it smells good, much nicer than Lynx (which he says gives him asthma when other boys spray it around). He likes the roll on deodorant, because you can throw it in your bag, and it works when you use it. He also loves the fact that it doesn't look like something mum would buy, and it looks like stuff boys his age would use (peer acceptance being very big at this age!). His actual words were that, "it doesn't look sorta young." Like the good little label reader I've taught him to be, he also reckons there's good stuff in it. Hilariously (to me, anyway) he loves the shampoo and body wash because you only have to use one thing in the shower! Apparently, this is another big thing for boys. My 8 year old piped up at this point and said he had been finding showering very confusing because you were supposed to use shampoo, conditioner, and soap and now he can use just one thing. Boy, the things you find out when you start asking questions. Teen Review 2. Teen cousin said that he loved 808 Dude because it has a nice smell. (It really does. And it's a definite boy kind of smell.) He also helpfully suggested that it's a great brand because you feel a lot cleaner after you've had a shower. He thought that the packaging was "artistic and fancy", and it matched the name. He thought it was cool, and not embarrassing to have in your sports bag. He liked the deodorant, and thought it worked well. The face wash has really helped his pimples, he reckons, and it doesn't dry his skin. This teen is on his third lot of 808 Dude, so he's either using it heaps or his older brother is helping himself, too! Teen Review 3. Teen friend of son thought that the shampoo and body wash was awesome because you don't have to think. Multiple shower products are clearly too much for teenaged boys to deal with, so I think 808 Dude has really hit the nail on the head with this one. Teen friend also thought it made his hair really, really soft. Chatting to his mum later, it was revealed that he hadn't actually been washing his hair at all prior to 808 Dude, so the softness may not be entirely due to the product, and more to do with the fact that it's actually encouraging him to wash his hair! He also liked the deodorant and thought that it worked well, and that the packaging was pretty cool or sick, or rad, or skeg or something else unintelligible, but basically translates to good. So there you have it. Three teen boys mumble their way to a big thumbs up for 808 Dude. It's an ideal brand for teen and pre-teen boys, with great organic ingredients and no nasties. Check it out here at Hello Charlie.   Get the latest posts straight to your inbox every week!
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