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organic cot mattresses in australia

5 of the Best Organic Cot Mattresses in Australia

organic cot mattresses in australia Your baby will spend two thirds of her life sleeping. That's a lot of time in bed! And that's why it's super important that your baby has a safe, non toxic mattress. It used to be very difficult to find organic mattresses in Australia, but over the last few years it seems that more and more are becoming available. We've got five great options for organic cot and bassinette mattresses, and you won't have to get them shipped from overseas! Organature organic cotton mattresses Organature is made right here in Victoria. They make organic cot mattresses in futon and innersprung styles. They also make bassinette, cradle and pram mattresses and even organic cotton mattress protectors to look after those lovely mattresses. Imported raw organic cotton must be fumigated when it comes through Customs. To avoid this, Organature fills their mattresses with Australian organic cotton. It's never fumigated, and has no pesticides, so it's as pure as you can get. Not only do Organature make mattresses, they also do other fabulous organic baby products like sheets, towels and mattress toppers. They even make organic clothing and hardwood furniture. (Images via Organature) tetra tea tree mattresses for cot Tetra Tea Tree mattresses have organic cotton covers and are filled with Australian tea tree paperbark flakes. Tetra says that this makes them naturally anti-bacterial, naturally anti-allergy, naturally breathable and cool in summer and warm in winter. They're covered in an organic cotton cover. Mattresses come in all the popular cot and bassinette sizes, or you can order a custom size. They also do pillows for children and for adults, and my favourite - the snuggle bed. Having a snuggle bed means that you don't need a bassinette. You just pop the snuggle bed straight into the cot and it's cosy enough for a tiny  baby. Tetra mattresses are all Australian made, too. (Image via Tetra) nature baby cot mattresses Nature Baby have organic wool and cotton bassinette mattresses. They also have latex bassinette and cot mattresses that are covered in organic cotton and wool. Natural latex has good resilience to provide a firm mattress for baby. Latex is antibacterial, dust free and resistant to moisture build up. All the Nature Baby mattresses are made in New Zealand. They don't have as big a range as Tetra, but if you're after a standard size, you might just find what you're looking for! (Image via Nature Baby) blessed earth organic wool and cotton mattressBlessed Earth have a range of organic wool stuffed mattresses that are covered in certified organic cotton. They're made in Australia and certified by Woolmark. Their range of mattresses goes from bassinette and cot size, through to single and all the way up to king sized. If you're looking for a completely natural mattress, Blessed Earth have you covered! They also have a range of organic cotton bedding, including organic wool quilts, sheet sets and mattress protectors. (Image via Blessed Earth) nook organic cot mattress Nook cot mattresses have a core of certified organic coconut with a layer of natural latex. The mattress is wrapped in a cover made from eucalyptus fibres, organic cotton and zinc. The zinc is infused into the eucalyptus fibres and protects against microbes, fungi and mould. The pebble cover comes in lots of different colours, and I have to admit that they look super cool. Perfect for a bright, modern nursery! Nook cot mattresses are available in Australia through The Nursery Bird. They also have more products from the Nook range, like feeding pillows and play mats. (Image via Nook) Nido Organics Cot MattressI know I said five organic cot mattresses, but here's a little bonus! Another option for organic cot and bassinette mattresses in Australia is Nido Organics. They're out of stock at the moment, but if you get in touch with Vanessa she'll be able to tell you when they're expected back in. Nido Organics do organic cotton futon mattresses for in cot sizes for babies. They also do coir (shredded coconut fibre), latex and wool mattresses with an organic cotton cover. These come in bassinette, cot and single and king single sizes. Nido Organics also have a range of mattress toppers, quilts, blankets and sheets all in lovely organic cotton. Header image credit: Andrés Nieto Porras Have you come across any other organic cotton bassinette or cot mattresses in Australia? Let us know in the comments! Get the latest posts straight to your inbox every week!
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