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Outdoor pretend kitchen

17 Fun Outdoor Play Ideas That Your Kids Will Love

Summer is fast approaching and the kids need to be entertained! While a little time in front of a computer or TV screen is okay, encouraging kids to play outdoors has lots of benefits. According to a study done last year, outdoor play is important because "it promotes cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well being, offering the necessary conditions for children to thrive and learn." Getting your kids to play outdoors can take more effort, so we've listed a few fun ideas for outdoor play below.

Fun Outdoor Play Ideas

1. Bucket and Rope Pulley

Bucket and Rope Pulley

Your kids will love this outdoor activity. Bucket and Rope Pulley from Happy Hooligans involves only 2 things; a bucket and a rope and that's it! It may look basic but this encourages your children to use their imagination, play creatively, and take calculated risks. Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers, for hours of open ended play.

2. Build a Mudpie Station 

Mudpie Station

Who knew digging and scooping dirt could be so enjoyable? Building a Mudpie Station is super fun and it won't cost you anything. You're going to need a lot of dirt, some tubs and bowls, pebbles and twigs that you can easily find in your own backyard.

3. Sponge Ball Water Fight

Sponge Ball Water Fight

Outdoor play can be heaps of fun with some water and colourful sponges. Children will have a blast getting wet with Sponge Ball Water Fight. And on a hot day, it can be a very enjoyable activity for the whole family.

4. Classic Tin Can Stilts

Classic Tin Can Stilts

Tin Can Stilts is a classic game that's simple to make and uses materials that you probably have around the house. Your children can take the stilts for a spin around the neighbourhood or do obstacle courses on stilts with their friends. They can also take turns and see who can walk fastest while on stilts. I'd suggest that they stay on the grass for that one, though!

5. Pool Noodle, Soccer Ball Kid's Croquet

Pool Noodle, Soccer Ball Kid's Croquet

Keep your children busy during summer with this Pool Noodle, Soccer Ball Kid's Croquet . This activity is relatively inexpensive, quick and easy to make and will keep your children occupied for hours at a time.

6. Shark Run Game

Shark Run

This game from Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails is a fun gross motor activity that's easy to set up. 'Shark Run' is great for encouraging your children to work on improving their core strength and use their imagination.

7. Olympic Rings Ball Toss 

Olympic Rings Ball Toss from I Can Teach My Child

This outdoor play activity from I Can Teach My Child combines learning with fun. It helps develop gross motor skills and colour recognition. It's a perfect game for toddlers to learn different colours as well as enjoy the challenge of tossing the balls to shoot them in the ring.

8. Rainbow Bubble Snakes

Rainbow Bubble Snakes from Housing a Forest

How cool is this? Rainbow Bubble Snakes are easy to make from stuff you'll probably have lying around at home. Your children will have a blast blowing bubble snakes out of tin cans and watch the snakes get longer as they blow more air.

9. Giant Paper Aeroplanes

Giant Paper Aeroplanes from Fire Flies and Mudpies

We love paper aeroplanes! Who doesn't? Put a twist on the classic paper aeroplanes by making giant sized ones. These Giant Paper Aeroplanes look like heaps of fun. Encourage kids to launch the planes in an open space like the park or in your backyard rather than the lounge room!

10. Build A Rain Gutter River For Running Water Play

Rain Gutter River For Running Water from Frugal Fun 4 Boys

Children love water play and it can keep them busy for hours. Building a Rain Gutter River is easy to do and simple to set up. Your children will have a great time pouring water down the river or watch their toys float down the 'river'.

11. DIY Water Wall 

DIY Water Wall

Another fun water play activity is this DIY Water Wall. It's inexpensive to set up, and children can keep coming back to it during summer. You can also have your children help you build the water wall as a family activity.

12. Making A Play Garden

Making a Play Garden

Play Garden is a wonderful outdoor activity that encourages sensory play. It's perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. They'll enjoy digging up the soil, getting muddy and planting seeds and flowers.

 13. Rainbow Bubbles (Outdoor Art and Water Play)

Rainbow Bubbles (Outdoor Art and Water Play)

A water play idea from Gift of Curiosity is a great sensory game. Rainbow Bubbles encourages creativity and imagination. Only a few materials are needed to make this activity, all of which can be found around your house so it shouldn't cost you anything.

14. Outdoor Kitchen - Pretend Play For Kids 

Outdoor Kitchen from The Little Years

This role play game is quick and easy to prepare. You can get the materials from your own kitchen, using stuff like flour, sprinkles, spoons, scoops, bowls, and etc. The outdoor kitchen idea is a great one for outside so that little ones can expend their creative energy without getting the house messy!

15. DIY Sand Box and Gravel Pit

DIY Sand Box and Gravel Pit from The Imagination Tree

Here's another outdoor sensory game that's perfect for your toddlers and preschoolers - DIY Sand Box and Gravel Pit. Great for building sandcastles and landscapes of all sorts.

16. Outdoor Alphabet Match For Toddlers

Outdoor Alphabet Match For Toddlers from I can teach my child

This one is good for toddlers to help them recognise letters. It's another learning through play activity that will be a big hit with your children. You've got to love activities that encourage learning while having fun!

17. Colour Hop For Toddlers

Colour Hop for Toddlers

This activity is super easy, you will only need one thing, coloured chalks! Great for teaching your toddlers to recognise and match colours. This game will keep them playing and hopping for hours.

Have you got ideas for other fun outdoor activities? 

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