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What is betaine?

What is betaine?

Betaine is a zwitterion (also known as inner salts), an example of which is amino acids. What is it used for? Betaine is used:
  • as a conditioner and softener (e.g. for skin or hair);
  • as a humectant (helps to keep the product moist - stops it drying out);
  • as an antistatic;
  • to control viscosity (ensures that the product is not too thick, but not too watery)
Is betaine safe? EWG Skin Deep rating: 1 (low hazard) Health Concerns potential health concerns if exposed to a large volume Also known as: TRIMETHYLGLYCINE; ABROMINE; ALPHA-EARLEINE; GLYCINE BETAINE; GLYCOCOLL BETAINE; GLYCYLBETAINE; GLYKOKOLLBETAIN (GERMAN) ; JORTAINE; LORAMINE AMB 13; LYCINE; OXYNEURINE Get the latest posts straight to your inbox every week!
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