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What is benzyl alcohol?

What is benzyl alcohol?

It can be both synthetic and naturally occurring, in things like fruits and essential oils It's used as a solvent (i.e. to prevent lumps and to ensure a smooth liquid). It's used as a fragrance ingredient, and it's used as a preservative, and as a solvent (i.e. to prevent lumps and to ensure a smooth liquid). It's used in head lice treatments, and for cold sores. Is benzyl benzoate safe? EWG Skin Deep rating: 6 (moderate hazard) Health Concerns There's strong evidence on neurotoxicity, it's toxic to humans and it's a possible allergen. It's especially problematic for newborns, who can't metabolize benzyl alcohol like healthy adults do. In the 1980's, there were a number of infant deaths that were related to the use of benzyl alcohol as a preservative in a saline solution. Accordingly, it's not recommended that benzyl alcohol be used on infants at all. Also known as: Chemical of the Day: EWG Skin Deep Database: Wikipedia: Get the latest posts straight to your inbox every week!
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